School Life

School Timings :

The school works six days a week including sports and other activities. The timings for the school are from 8:15 am to 3:15 pm every day. The school runs for half days during specific periods of time which will be informed to the parents through circulars.

School Uniform

The boys and girls have three different dresses. This dress code has been designed primarily to ensure the comfort and uniformity of all the students.

MondayRegular UniformRegular Uniform
TuesdaySports UniformSports Uniform
WednesdayRegular UniformRegular Uniform
ThursdaySports UniformSports Uniform
FridayWhite UniformWhite Uniform
SaturdaySports UniformSports Uniform

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

Rules And Regulations

The students are required to maintain high standards of discipline in and outside the classroom. They should respect teachers, other staff and of course their parents.
• All students must follow the etiquettes of greeting, eating, drinking, using the toilets, boarding & alighting of the bus and in all other daily activities. We request the parents to keep their children away from any unhealthy environment.
• CIS students must know they should behave in the most dignified manner and respect all the people irrespective of their cast, creed, or age.
• At Creekside International School the students are trained in such a way that they understand all aspects of life so that they become peaceful and responsible citizens.
• Students are not allowed to use any of the telephones in the school to either make or receive calls without permission from the Headmistress / Principal.
• CIS encourages the parents to visit the school on any Saturday for discussing their child’s progress or any issue.
• Progress Reports for all the exams will be handed over in person to the parents. Parents must make themselves available to attend the Parent-Teacher Meetings.
• CIS is very particular about the attendance and punctuality of the students. Any student, who is absent from school must furnish a letter from either of the parents or the guardian (addressed to the Principal / Headmistress through the class teacher), explaining the reasons. A medical certificate should also be presented in case of long medical absence
• Any child suffering from chicken pox, pulmonary tuberculosis or any other infectious diseases should not be sent to school. Parents should get a fitness certificate issued by the medical advisor before rejoining their child.
• Lunch will be served to all the students. All children should carry a healthy snack for consumption during the snack time. We strongly recommend not to send any junk Foods