Academic Test Topics

Grade II


  • Passage comprehensions
  • Grammar – Pronouns, position words, describing words, action words, nouns (naming words, opposites, one/many, (articles is, am, are)
  • Creative Writing – Paragraph writing, Framing sentences.


  • Numerals and Number Names 1 to 100.
  • Number Concepts (Forward and backward counting, <,>, =. Before, after and in between numbers)
  • Shapes (Plain shapes, 2D shapes, 3D shapes)
  • Addition (Add zero, Add one, Addition on number line,
  • Subtraction (Subtract zero, Subtract one, Subtraction on abacus, Subtraction on number line)


  • Animal world- land animals; Fish
  • Our Body
  • Healthy Habits-Safe and Sound
  • Air and water
  • The Sun, Moon and Stars.


  • Hurf E Tahji
  • Hurf ki Shaklein
  • Missing Letters
  • Naming the first letter of the picture