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The need of society is to educate the students and make them responsible, confident, self-disciplined individuals excelling in every path towards success and bringing peace with a positive change in society.

We nurture the potential of all children to become life-long learners and motivate them to ascertain their inner strengths and abilities.

We are committed to making our school a place for knowledge and development, where students are prepared to face the challenges of the future, by not only helping them provide an environment of collaborative learning with critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also by enhancing their character and personality. Thanks to our ever-dedicated teachers,

CIS fosters students' learning that promotes academic, emotional, and social development. Parents and teachers need to be partners to make children compete and excel in an increasingly complex and competitive world. Together we aim to work towards a holistic development of our students.

Looking forward to making the process of teaching and learning a creative, enjoyable, educative, and innovative one.

Principal Photo

Ms. Husna Haseeb

(Principal) MA, B.Sc, B.Ed

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