Chairman's Message

Read again the lesson of truth, of justice and valour!
You will be asked to do the work of taking on responsibility for the world.

Human being’s viewpoints about life must lead to the core objective of education i.e., Character development. The Fitrah (intrinsic nature) already exists hence, education remains a process of unfolding and bringing out the best out of a child.
Our perspective and everything that we do at Creekside International Senior Secondary school are led by these educational tenets and practices, inspiring us to provide children with opportunities to grow to their full potential.
Our pursuit is to lay a strong foundation. We strive to make our children a reflection in the society as a true Human Being with immense knowledge and exemplary qualities of bravery, generosity, truthfulness, justice, prudence, wisdom and morality.
Our curriculum design, co-curricular activities, community service engagements and the assorted events we conduct are designed to foster children's all-round development and make them responsible leaders with a global outlook.
We appreciate the work of our dynamic and dedicated School Principal Mrs. Husna Haseeb and our committed and loyal teaching staff, who have done a commendable job in ensuring consistent growth and high academic standards.
We believe that parents are our partners in education, and a positive relationship between home and school is important for the success of students. We, at CIS, continuously endeavor to focus on our mission and reach new heights in education through collaboration with our stakeholders.

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Mohammed Misbahuddin


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