The Campus

The lush and sprawling 3.5 acre campus of the school is self-explanatory – that spells & indicates the Management's environmental concern and consciousness.

The School Building

The 3-storey (30,000 Sq.ft) modern state-art-of school building, keeping intact the innovation & aesthetic sense, the emphasis is given to elegant planning of airy, bright and spacious classrooms with optimum child-teacher ratio.


The School provides properly maintained buses driven by well-trained drivers. We have students coming from almost all parts of the city.

Well built Labs:

The school has well organized and spacious labs- Science Laboratory, Math Lab as well as Computer Lab. These labs provide the students hands on learning experiences, wherein the abstract concepts become concrete.


School libraries are unique but they’re also part of a much wider information landscape.

Creekside International School library encourages curiosity, innovation and problem-solving. It is integral to the cultural and social life of the school.

Area designed for the school library is 32 x  35 sq ft

The school library is a central point for all kinds of reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussion.

We, at Creekside International School believe that a well-resourced library can make significant difference to student learning outcomes. Hence, a spacious, well equipped library has been maintained.

The school library is located on the first floor with a variety of books for students of all age. 


Lunch is served in a huge spacious dining hall of 8000 sq ft. we at Creekside International School strongly  believe in being physically fit to face the challenges of daily life. Therefore, we provide students with a set menu of healthy and yummy food that basically includes rice and vegetable curries, fish and meat being provided three days a week. 

School timings:

The School works six days a week including sports and other activities. The timings for the school are from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm every day.

The School runs for half days during specific periods of time which h will be informed to the parents through circulars. 

School Uniform:

The boys and girls have three different dresses. This dress code has been designed primarily to ensure the comfort and uniformity of all the students.

  • Regular uniform: (To be worn on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • For boys – Navy blue shirt with vertical strips and navy blue pants.
  • For girls – Striped shirt, navy blur pinafore  and  navy blue bottoms + scarf (after Grade 1)
  • White uniform: (To be worn on Friday)
  • For boys – Plain white shirts and white pants
  • For girls – Plain white shirts and white bottoms
  • Sports uniform: (To be worn on Tuesday and Saturday)
  • For boys – T-shirt and trousers (colour specific)
  • For girls – Long shirt and trousers (colour specific)

Karate dress, Swimming dress, Tennis racket, sports shoes etc will have to be purchased separately.

School Events:

The School celebrates the National festivals Such as the Independence Day and the Republic Day.

Along with the Republic Day, we celebrate the Annual Sports Event on 26th January every year. The students who participate in various competitions throughout the year are felicitated / awarded certificates on this day.

The Co-curricular Activities

The school conducts co-curricular activities which are aimed to awaken interest and build self confidence contributing to all round development of the child.

Educational Trips, Inter School competitions, Personality Development, Spoken English, Debates, Quiz etc

Extra-curricular Activities:

The usage of spaces is so well defined that every nook is utilized to the maximum. Considering the prominence of sports and games in academics, the school has captive facilities for indoor & outdoor games such as: Swimming pool / Karate / Basket ball / Volley ball / Throw ball court / Football ground / Tennis court etc. We aim to develop our students not just academically but also physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Teacher’s Training Sessions:

Teachers are trained by various trainers on Personality Development, Teaching and Learning etc by  qualified and authorized  resource persons.

Teachers also take part in inter school events.

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