The What


Creekside international School utilizes a framework for delivering curriculum that is student-centric and transformation-driven. It is student centric because it is directly linked to the developmental growth of the child. It is transformative, as opposed to merely informative, because its goal is not merely to transmit information but to transform the child into a confident, capable young citizen with a broadminded outlook in life.


The Why

The aim of Education at Creekside international School is to produce a total, well-rounded person who is:

Principled: Has a sound grasp of the principles of moral reasoning and the underlying forces and tensions involved in moral judgments, and has a commitment to self reflection, self direction, moral direction, moral action, with an emphasis on integrity, honesty, compassion and justice.

Knowledgeable: Has a deep understanding of the interconnection of major patterns and recurring issues of humankind and the impact of significant events and discoveries on the course of human development.

Well-balanced: Understands the scope and importance of balance and well-being in one’s personal and collective life and actively works to establish it therein

Cooperative : Has an understanding of the role of good communications, cooperation, fairness and friendship in establishing and maintaining meaningful and healthy relations between individuals and groups

Committed: Has a commitment to a lifestyle consistent with the principles and practices of what is being taught, especially as reflected in one’s daily interactions with others

Caring: Has a strong sense of caring, stewardship, service and social activism, and commitment to using one’s life to make a difference in improving the world


The How

Creekside International School understands the need for a comprehensive curriculum that has both knowledge and skill development as its core content and approach. We believe that integration of all subject areas around significant themes (Powerful Ideas), taught through authentic instructional models, will lead to more effective learning and life experiences for our children towards a peaceful world. At Creekside International School we understand that the children are people, not products, and are as diverse in outlook and understanding as the rest of us. One can think of a classroom as a room full of individual brains, each processing information through intricate, yet unique, pathways of neurons that have begun their development in the womb. Each brain is therefore unique in its “software”. The more we learn about how we learn the further away we move from a “one size fits all” theory of education. From a brain based point of view, curricula that seek to integrate essential content around themes connected to the overall development of the individual make more sense than information-driven curricula that focus on transmitting factual knowledge. In order for the brain to process and remember, CIS provides the context of all new learning experiences grounded in meaningful life experiences and prior knowledge.